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Technology that
Optimizes Training

HybFormation provides customized online training solutions that combine learning and technology, enabling optimal transfer of new knowledge and skills, and their concrete application in the workplace.


  • Performance increase or skill set update

  • Integration of a new task

  • Promotion of a new product or service

  • Integration of new employees

  • Learning of a new computer system


  • Design and production of custom online training solutions

  • Hybrid training (in classroom, coaching, and online)

  • Project support

  • High-end video production to maximize learning


Our team will support you every step of the way leading to the completion of your project:

  • Training needs analysis: what you need depending on your context

  • Design of virtual and hybrid learning solutions: ideation and prototype, including design, training cost, graphic interface, and programming

  • Production: project completion and development of your training solution, including scripting, graphic interface, programming and every aspect of video production such as shooting, casting, etc.

  • Delivery and training: once the access is given, training may begin

  • Transfer to the workplace: targeted activities for managers and employees

  • Assessment: training evaluation and results


Simon Nadeau, Technoeducator, President and founder

Simon has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and technoeducator. Renowned for his leadership, creativity, and thoroughness, Simon has developed a unique approach geared to customer needs. Above all, this approach aims to provide innovative and customized training solutions that facilitate the concrete application of new skills in the workplace for individuals while optimizing return on investment for companies. Fully invested in each project, Simon always provides the required supervision in a congenial environment that encourages collaboration. 

HybFormation’s experienced team is truly committed to the success of each project:

• Projects managers

• Trainers

• Designers

• Programmers

• Integrators

• Producers


HybFormation is the proud partner of the “coup de cœur TI”
award-winning project at the 2015 OCTAS for the CRHA and CRIA’s training “Ethics at the heart of the practice” (“La déontologie au coeur de la pratique”.)


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